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A cookie is a small letters and numbers file of letters is placed on your computer when you access to The cookies allow a website to recognize the navigator of a user and to register his activity in a particular web or in all the webs or APP. The purpose of the cookies is to enable the user a faster access to the selected services. In addition, thanks to the placement of the Cookies, the services that offers fit the needs of the visitors, providing to every user all information that is or can be of his interest , according to his use of the services.
The cookies also help us to understand the behavior of the user in our web, which means that we can improve your experience across the same one. uses cookies that help to personalize to the maximum the navigation of the user. The cookies used in associate only with one anonymous user and his computer, do not provide references that allow to deduce the name and surnames of the user and can neither read data of his hardware nor include virus in his texts. Likewise, cannot read the cookies placed in the hardware of the user from other servers.
The user will be able to configure his browser in order that it can advise and reject the placement of the cookies sent by, without harming the user's access to the contents. Nevertheless, the operation quality of the website or of its services can turn affected and / or diminish its optimum performance.
In, where users can register and navigate along the web with their session, they will benefit from more personalized services fitting his profile, thanks to the combination of the stored data in the cookies with the personal data used at the moment of his registration. When they register, those users expressly authorize the use of this information with the indicated purpose, notwithstanding their right to reject or to disable the use of cookies.
Anyhow,, will be able to know all the services that the users have requested, and will therefore be able to provide or to offer information fitting the tastes and the preferences of every user.

According to the length of time a cookie remains activated in the computer we can distinguish:
Session cookies: It is a type of cookies that obtain information only during the time that the user has access to the service; so that they expire once the service has been provided. They are used to remind the products that the user has included in his order while he navigates along, also for safety reasons in the sending of data when he accedes to financial services, email services, photo album services, etc. Session cookies expire when the user closes the navigator.
Temporary Cookies: It is a type of cookies that obtain data beyond the time during which the user has access to the service. This type of cookies is used for storing and reminding, for example, the preferences of the navigation of the user.
Temporary cookies expire when their aim has been fulfilled (for example, in order to keep the user identified in,) or when they are manually deleted.
In addition, depending on the purpose, the cookies can be classified as follows:
Persistent cookies: They have a distant expiry date in time and remain placed in the computer of the user even after finishing the session.
Own Cookies: They are placed on the computer of the user from a domain directly managed by and from which the service requested by the visitor is provided.
Third party cookies: Certain cookies are not placed by, but by third parties dedicated to specific services to the user. Provided that these third parties proceed to its placement, the blocking and removal of them is ruled by their particular conditions and mechanisms. You will find a description of third suppliers cookies authorized to place cookies in our web page:
Performance cookies: These Cookies remind the preferences for the tools they find in the Services of the web, so that the user does not have to configure again the service whenever he visits
Examples of this type of cookies would be: to remind the elements of an order, to proceed with a purchase, to request a registration at an event...
Registration cookies: these cookies are placed when the user has registered in the web page or afterwards, when he has opened his session. They are used to allow the user have access to restricted areas. Some services can use links to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. The user has previously authorized to the above mentioned social network to keep a persistent cookie which reminds his identity and ensures the access to the services until it expires. The user can delete this cookie and revoke the access to the services by social networks by modifying his preferences in the network social.
Advertising Cookies: They allow the management of the advertising spaces that the publisher has included in a web page, an application or platform from which he provides the requested service. Thanks to these cookies, it is possible to enhance the information of the advertisements that are showed to anonymous users. They allow likewise studying the duration or the frequency of viewed advertising, their interaction with the advertisements, and the behaviors in the navigation. Thanks to them it is possible to frame an advertising profile that fits the interests of each type of user.

Third parties Advertising Cookies: They are sent to a computer from a computer that is not managed by the publisher, but by another company that treats the data obtained by means of the cookies with any of the purposes exposed in the previous paragraph. Generally third parties cookies are placed on the computer of the user because the publisher, by designing the programming of the web page, the platform or application foresaw this possibility, so that the publishers can have certain aptitude to control the third parties cookies that can be sent to the users when they accede to the requested service. The companies that place these Cookies have their own policies of privacy.



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Cookie(s) from Google used for the operation of its services (GoogleMap, Google+, etc).
Further information at:
It is also useful for the statistical analysis of the use of the web and to keep information about the latest researches, allowing to make personalized offers to the users.

Further information at:



Cookies that allow to quantify the number of users and to proceed with the measurement and statistical analysis of the use of the web.



It is useful for the tracing of the campaigns carried out by at

 Google, Inc.,
(Company established at the USA)










Facebook Inc





You can allow, block or delete the cookies placed in your computer by means of the configuration of the options of your Internet navigator. In case you block them, certain services that need its use cannot be available for you at
In order to allow the users who want to avoid the placement of cookies in his computer, makes available to its users the instructions issued by the main navigators on this purpose.
For example:
• Internet Explorer: Tools> Internet option> Privacy> Configuration. For more information, you can access to the support of Microsoft or to the Help of the navigator.
• Mozilla Firefox: Tools> Options> Privacy> Record> Personalized Configuration. For more information, you can access to Mozilla's support or to the Help of the navigator.
• Google Chrome: Configuration> advanced options> Privacy -> Configuration of content. For more information, you can access to Google's support or to the Help of the navigator.
• Safari: Preferences> Security. For more information, you can access to Apple's support or to the Help of the navigator.
• Opera: Configuration> Options> Outpost> Cookies. For more information, you can access to the support of Opera or to the Help of the navigator.
If you use a different navigator, please access to their cookies policy of placement, use and blockade.

Some functionalities of the services will remain disabled such as, for example, to remain identified, to keep the purchases in your " shopping cart " at e-commerce Service, to receive information directed to your location or to visualize some videos.
Therefore, and according to the above mentioned statements, the user can reject the data treatment or the information by rejecting the use of cookies through the appropriate configuration of his navigator. Although, he has to know that if it does it, it might happen that he could not use the full functionality of this site.

5.-CHANGES IN THE PRIVACY AND COOKIES POLICY can modify its cookies policy, according to regulation, legislative requirements or with the purpose of adapting the above mentioned policy to the orders issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
In the case of significant changes in this cookies policy, we will advise the users by means of messages at the website.
Once the user has read all the information, we advise him that if he continues to navigate in our web site without having taken the opportune measures of customization of his navigator in order to avoid the placement cookies, according to the terms included at the article 22.2 from the Law 34/2002 concerning the Services of the Information society and e-business, according to the draft given by the RD 13/2012 of March 30, he has agreed to the use of the above-mentioned mechanisms.

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