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 Email: · Phone: +34 622 347 389 

Address: Edificio Naorte A, planta 1-8, ParcBit, 07121, Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares

About us

Fishingtrip Menorca (Pescaturismo) is the leading European company that, through an international web platform, allows traditional fishermen from all over Spain to offer tourist excursions on professional fishing boats, in collaboration with the fishermen's guilds.

Fishingtrip, a national and international referent in fishing diversification activities, carries out all kinds of events related to the blue economy, as well as providing consultancy services to obtain administrative authorisations for fishing tourism, as well as its subsequent commercialisation.

From this leading position, the company has been part of the small group of experts of the Ministry of Education that has created the vocational training in fishing and marine tourism. It advises the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, participates in the project of the national tourism authorities to create and implement a network of marine and fishing tourism at national and international level, gives training courses and is a speaker at numerous national and international congresses.

Pepe Martínez is CEO of Fishingtrip

Pepe Martínez

CEO from Fishingtrip

Laura Sillero

Laura Sillero

Ecommerce and Marketing

Xisco Cañellas directs the web development of Fishingtrip

Xisco Cañellas

Web development and programming

Mar Piña Pol is an international translator and communicator

Mar Piña Pol

Translation and international communication

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